Wind & Hail Insurance

Windstorm Insurance can be an important addition to any homeowners insurance policy, especially for those who live in a moderate to high risk area. Although some homeowners policies cover windstorms, homes in areas considered to be of high risk usually do not. You should look into your homeowners insurance policy and see if you have coverage to protect against the damages caused by windstorms.

Windstorms and hurricanes can cause severe damage to your home, vehicle, and your property. Do not wait until the storm subsides to add a supplemental policy to your homeowner’s insurance. Windstorms can be completely unpredictable and can last for a few minutes to several days. Being unprotected could leave you with crippling debt and destruction to your property.

If you would like to protect yourself from the potential destructions of windstorms, contact The Sewell Insurance Agency for a free quote. The Sewell Insurance Agency is a local North Carolina insurance dealer who knows how important this coverage can be and are willing to work with you to create a supplemental policy to your current insurance coverage.


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